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Go the extra mile.

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At Pine Street, we always seek to go the extra mile for our clients.  That extra mile -- or "lagniappe" -- is what we believe distinguishes us from your typical D.C. lobbying firm.  We never tell our clients that an ask isn't in our scope of work, and our clients never have to wonder what we're doing on their behalf in Washington because we're always seeking to add value above and beyond our standard suite of services.  It's the 'lagniappe', or something extra, that we seek to provide to each of our clients. We believe that is the differentiator between Pine Street and other D.C. lobbying firms.


"We help your organization tell the right story to the right audience, at the right time."

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We love going the extra mile for our clients who are doing socially responsible, value adding community based work. Last week team Pine Street had a great time on Capitol Hill with our friends and clients Jim, Meg, and Allen from @hrblock !

We love going the extra mile for our clients who are doing socially responsible, value adding community based work. Last week team Pine Street had a great time on Capitol Hill with our friends and clients Jim, Meg, and Allen from @hrblock !


Areas of Practice



Pine Street focuses on both the personality of the candidate and the substance of their policy platform to create a campaign truly unique to a candidate's strengths. Whether a campaign needs field plan development or the creation of a voter universe, we offer many services tailored specifically to a campaign and position the candidate for success on Election Day.


Pine Street believes that grassroots work is essential to a successful campaign, and we train political candidates on how to organize their campaign and successfully run for office. Though it may seem daunting, Pine Street can prepare candidates for electoral success with a training program specific to their strengths and areas for improvements. 


Whether you need communications and media strategies for an electoral, legislative, or issue campaign, Pine Street leverages its years of communications experience to package the right message and deliver it to the right audience at the right time. Each client is different, and Pine Street's expertise allows for highly personalized message development to best serve the needs of your campaign. 


Field plans and targeted voter outreach are essential to any successful campaign. Pine Street sets up comprehensive campaign plans that target appropriate voters and maximize your campaign efforts. Knowing where your voters are, how to contact them, and what message to use will provide your campaign with direction and set you up for success.


Pine Street has the knowledge and experience to keep you ahead in fundraising, and compliant with all laws and regulations. We help connect you with the people and the networks you need to maximize your fundraising efforts, putting your campaign on the road to electoral success. 


Pine Street has years of experience in lobbying and government relations, and we leverage that expertise to provide our clients with what they need to achieve legislative success. Pine Street develops an advocacy plan based on your political agenda, schedules meetings on Capitol Hill with relevant members of Congress, and can even train any in-house lobbyists your organization may have to provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your agenda. 


Who are you? Why will a vote for you make a difference? Voters want to know why they should support your campaign, and Pine Street can help you answer those questions. By creating a solid, impactful, and consistent message, your campaign will begin to stick in the hearts and the minds of voters and can be the difference between a win and a loss on Election Day. 


Op-eds are useful for targeting your voter universe with a specific message. Pine Street utilizes our relationships with the press in various media outlets across the country to get your message to the people who need to hear it. By strategically authoring and placing powerful op-eds, we can help your issue or electoral campaign reach its target audience, influence the way voters are thinking and talking about the issue your op-ed addresses, and position you to achieve your campaign's goals. 


Political Action Committees (PACs) can be confusing for an inexperienced PAC manager and its potential donors. Pine Street can help keep your PAC legal and compliant so you can continue your important work with peace of mind.